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You or someone you love has been hurt by a back injury. Although you might feel helpless right now, you can still claim compensation if your back injury occurred due to negligence.

Pennsylvania Back Injury Lawyer

Lion Injury Law's medical malpractice attorneys are available to evaluate your case and recommend the best legal options. Our lawyers are experienced in handling all types of legal injuries, including dog bite lawsuits and medical malpractice.

It is not an easy decision to decide to take legal action. We're here to help you with any questions. For a free consultation, contact us today. We work only on contingency. If your claim fails, you won't owe any legal fees.

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Back Injury Victims Can Seek Compensation

A successful back injury lawsuit starts with proving negligence. Did the person who caused your injury act with such recklessness or neglect for your well-being that it resulted in your injury happening? There's a good chance that you can file a personal injury lawsuit.

A victim of negligence and their legal representative must prove the following for a back injury lawsuit to be successful:

  • You were owed a duty by the defendant;
  • The defendant violated this duty;
  • Your injuries were caused by the breach of this duty (wholly, in part); and
  • Damages resulted from the breach by the defendant.

Any back injury claim must prove the four above points. Most people don't have the legal knowledge or experience necessary to create a lawsuit that results in maximum compensation.

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Causes Of Back Injuries

Back injuries can occur in many different situations and accidents. These include:

  • Auto accidents
  • General Construction Injuries
  • Heavy lifting
  • Violent crime such as assault
  • Sports injuries
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Injuries to office equipment

This list does not include all possible circumstances that could have led to your back injury. After suffering a back injury, it is advisable to consult a doctor and then, shortly thereafter, consult a lawyer who can explain your rights.

Our PA Back Injury Lawyers Can Help

A personal injury law firm will help you to develop a strategy for achieving your compensation. Every case is different so you need to tailor your claim to your particular circumstances. Experiential legal professionals are better prepared to handle cases and have the highest success rates.

Your back injury lawyer will begin building your case after establishing a sound legal strategy. This can include gathering as much evidence as you can, consulting experts and other expert witnesses, reviewing previous cases, and opening communication with the person responsible for your back injury.

Pre-Lawsuit Negotiations

Most cases will see insurance companies responsible for the payment of the financial award for a back injury case. These businesses have the ability to reduce the amount they pay for any claim, which allows them to remain in business.

Your attorney will inform the counterparty of your intention to file an injury case and the amount that could be paid to settle it. Your attorney will file the lawsuit if negotiations are not possible.

Filing Your Back Injury Claim

Mediations are usually continued after a back injury lawsuit has been filed with the proper court. This will help to avoid the case reaching court.

It can take several months or longer for a case in court to reach its final stage. However, settlement agreements are often possible during this time. If no settlement agreement is reached, the case will go to court. If successful, you will receive your rightful compensation.

Suffered A Back Injury At Work?

No matter what industry, back injuries are quite common in the workplace. Workers who sustain back injuries or develop back problems due to their work are more likely to file a worker's compensation claim.

This is because in many cases, employees are not allowed to sue their employers for injuries. They must instead file a workers' compensation claim and deal directly with the insurance companies.

A back injury lawyer can help even if a lawsuit has not been filed. Insurance companies will likely question the severity of the injury and the cost of treatment. You can be sure that your attorney will seek maximum compensation for your workers' compensation back injury claim.

Free Legal Consultations

Do you still have doubts about whether you are eligible to file a lawsuit as a back injury victim? To learn more about your rights and receive a free consultation on back injury claims, contact our team today.

We are happy to take the time and review your case, as well as explain all the options available to you completely free of cost.

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